Fighting for the Middle Class

Many middle class families are struggling. They work hard, but still feel like they are falling further behind–in large part because of the rising cost of living that we see on the Central Coast.

Lowering costs for you and your family is my number one priority in Congress, because I know that higher prices keep folks from getting ahead and finding prosperity.

Housing: We need more affordable housing options in our communities. It’s that simple. I’ve delivered millions of dollars directly to the Central Coast to create more affordable housing units, and I will continue to fight for policies that help renters and homeowners alike keep the Central Coast as their home.

Food & Gas: Global market disruptions caused by COVID-19, supply chain bottlenecks, and Russia’s unjustified war in Ukraine have meant that the cost of food, gas, and other energy have put extra pressures on Central Coast residents.

That’s why I pushed to increase funding for programs that help food insecure families. And its why I’ve backed releases from our strategic petroleum reserves to offset the market disruptions that Californians have felt at the pump. We can’t drill our way out of higher prices, however, and I continue to advocate for investments in clean energy alternatives that will ensure our families are less reliant on volatile fossil fuel prices.

Health Care: I’ve been advocating for measures that lower the cost of health care since before I came to Congress. After successfully preventing Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act dozens of times, I also delivered lower premiums and out of pocket costs through expansions of ACA tax cuts in our COVID-19 relief bills.

I’ve also specifically worked to get legislation to lower the extraordinary costs of prescriptions drugs passed in the House multiple times in recent years, and will continue to advocate for those measures in months and years to come.

In Congress, I put the fight for these working class families first because I understand these challenges personally. My father worked the fields in Oxnard and our family lived in public housing. I focused on my education and worked my way through UCSB, and served my country in the Marine Corps Reserves.

I worked hard to get ahead and build a better life for my family, and I am committed to making sure that same opportunity is afforded to all who are willing to put in the hard work.